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1000 IU Blue Top HGH (Human Growth Hormone 191AA)

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We are selling 1000IU Human Growth Hormone
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Buy 1000 IU Blue Top HGH (Human Growth Hormone 191AA)

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1000iu=10 kit
1kit= 10*10iu
Human Growth Hormone 10iu

Blue Top Generic HGH is produced to ensure to have high purity and highest quality possible recombinant HGH, all while still creating excellent value for the consumer.

Blue Top Generic HGH is stable without refrigeration at under 80F degrees for about 30 days. 

( somatotropin - also referred to as rHGH, HGH, or GH) is created by the pituitary gland, the primary form consisting of a 191 amino acid chain. When we are young, HGH is in big part responsible for the proper growth of bones, muscle, and other tissues. Too little of this
hormone and we remain dwarfs too much and we become giants and/ or suffer from abnormal growth deformities. As we become adults, HGH is responsible for keeping muscles from wasting away, supports healthy immune system response, regulates aspects of our metabolic function dealing with increased fat metabolism and healthy body composition in later life, and maintains and repairs our skin and other tissues.

Once reconstituted HGH must be kept under refrigeration at all times.

1:Activity and Purity
(1) Activity>2.8IU/mg
(2) SDS-PAGE purity>99.5%
(3) HPLC purity>99%
2. Package and Specification
(1) Lyophilized powder in a vial (for injection). 4.5IU, 10IU, 12IU, and so on for each vial.
(2) Packing in plastic bottles. 1-50g for each bottle
(3) Packing according to client's demands
3. Dosage Forms
(1) Lyophilized powder
(2) Frozen liquid


Thursday, 17 August 2017
It works perfectly on me. Thanks for supply me with original Blue Top HGH 191AA
Monica J. Scheer

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