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100 Tablet A-215 (Oxycodone 30Mg) Oral Tablet - Actavis Pharma

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Product Available in stock
We do sell original A 215 (Oxycodone 30 mg)

325.60 $
-81.40 $
With shipment DHL, FedEx & TNT First Class Priority Overnight Shipping (24hrs Delivery) for 66.00 $
Manufacturer China Pharma Inc

Buy 100 Tablets A-215 (Oxycodone 30 mg), by Actavis

We have a large stock of Original & Authentic Brand A 215 (Oxycodone 30 mg) by Actavis. You can order from us in large and small quantities. 

1 Bottle (100 Tabs) : US 320

2 bottles (200 Tabs): US 600

Product: Oxycodone 30 mg
Manufacturer: Actavis
Imprint: A 215 
Strength: 30 mg
Appearance: Blue in Color and Round in Shape

Years of trial and error have provided us with an encompassing knowledge of international shipping procedures, customs tactics, and what to look out for shipping bulk products overseas. Multiple layers of high-quality mylar bags, moisture barrier bags (MBBs), and a stealth method so inconspicuous that you could open the pack in front of your family without arising suspicion. We got it all! Professional business-style packaging with multiple security features guarantees a trouble-free clearance and fast shipping times. Track your pack at any time with the tracking code that is provided to you 24 hours after we dispatch your product. By the way: deploy an anonymous drop that is not connected to you in any way. This is very important especially for international bulk shipments. We'll take care of the rest and ship you a clean, canine-proof box full of the highest quality product you will ever find.


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